Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catherine Needs Help with Relay for Life!

Ok everyone! I NEED HELP! I am doing relay for life this year and we are making a giant slideshow that will be playing all day while raising money to find a cure for cancer and i am in charge of it. Here's where I need you. I need as MANY pictures as possible of people who had cancer, died of cancer, or is a cancer survivor! I need you to send me their picture as well as a favorite quote/bible verse or uplifting story from that time that will go on the picture. Pleaseeeeee help me out with this, the more i have the better and so far only about three of the 150 people i have asked have helped so hopefully facebook pulls through for me. Just know that when you give me the picture it WILL be public! the email to send it to is THANK YOU!

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The Quigleys said...

I'll get on it Cathy...