Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, October 26th, 8:08 p.m.

I spoke with a friend of Liz's family this evening, and it sounds like she had a pretty peaceful day. No tests, no poking, just preparation for the bone marrow evaluation tomorrow. Be praying that the test will go smoothly and that the results are positive. I'll let you know as soon as I hear something new.


Annette said...

Hello Lizzy,
Just wanted you to know the whole church prayed for you today in a huddle. Afterwords, there was a very long line of people wanting to help. You are loved and cared for! You go glitter girl! Annette and all the Sargents.

giftofgab said...

Hey Liz-
We wanted you to know that we are also praying for you as a family, individually and tonight in our Bible study. You have many people who are asking Jesus for a complete healing for you!
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Huff family

giftofgab said...

Hey Liz it's Lauren Huff everyone misses you at school! I'll be praying for you girl!

giftofgab said...

I've never really met you, but my sister tells me about you from volleyball. I was so shocked to hear the news, I couldn't breathe and I felt like crying. Please know that I am praying for you all the time, and I hope you know how many people are as well. We love you, Liz!

Love from Lauren Huff's sister Emily

Anonymous said...


Geez! I guess I'll hold down the fort here at school for you. Once things settle down with you a little I'll come down to visit. We're really praying for you. You're strong and I know you'll keep fighting.



shaffer_12 said...


You need to know everyone is thinking about you here at school. The Lothrop family is a team of fighters! Keep smiling kid!

- Mr. Shaffer

Mrs. Hawk said...

Hey Liz,
I am glad to hear you got to enjoy some cheese fries:) Keep smiling through your fight Liz, your smile is too beautiful to be covered by a frown. Please know that I am thinking about you every single day:)
-Mrs. Hawk

TheBorgs said...

Hi Lizzy,
Sunny wanted me to tell you hello... he and I talk rather often. He will keep things safe here at home while you are away. Take care and smile as often as you can. Love and Hugs, Beth and the Borgemenke family.

Susie G. said...

Dear Lothrops,
Just wanted you to know we are praying for all of you!! I've been in contact with Cathy Crotty so you could talk to Laura Brown, her son who is Lizzy's age, just went through this in the spring. If you need any contact information for Laura Brown please let me know. Plus we will do whatever you need, please don't hesitate.
Susie & Phi

TheBorgs said...

Hi Lizzy,
Sunny and I talked, we talk quite often in your front yard, and he wanted me to let you know he will take care of things here while you are away. Take care and smile as often as you can. Love and hugs, Beth and the Borgemenke family.

schatzle said...

We miss you like crazy here in class... Keep that smile going and stay strong. Just think of that one word that you cheered all season for your team... PROCEED!
Thinking of you,

Mr. Schatzle

reutterj said...

Hey Liz,

We are all thinking of you and miss you here. Get back here quick as you can, we all miss your smiling face.

You are in all our thoughts.

Mr. Reutter

The Noe's said...

Lizzy, WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU..........we will be praying non stop, God will heal you! Hang in there Randy, Christine, Jimmy, and Kathy.....Praise Him in the Storm he will give you strength!! Much Love and prayers, Todd, Bridget, Brooke, Laurel and Paige.

Coach K said...

From my heart to yours is a beat that is good and strong. Tell those doctors to "getter done" so you can "proceed" and "twinkle."
Kisses from Lakin and Daiton
A high five from Mark
Hugs from me
Coach K