Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More good news! The genetic markers are cleared and everything is headed in a positive direction! Liz got a new Mac computer from her grandpa today and she has been very occupied with that and with some chocolate ice cream.. keep the prayers coming!


Cindy Dodson said...

Great news! I know everyone is relieved that yet another hurdle has been jumped! Prayer is powerful as is Liz's incredible strength and spirit. Catherine, thank you sooooo much for keeping us all connected with these short messages of thanksgiving and hope. Thanks to Kendahl and Debbie as well for also helping to break it all down for us. My heart is lighter! Hugs and Kisses to all!

Howard said...


Lots of love and well wishes are coming from the Ammons' as well. We know you will keep fighting hard and getting better.

We are also thinking of the rest of the Lothrop clan. You are a special family. Hang in there and don't be afraid to reach out for any support you may need. All your friends are standing by.

Jenn McD. said...

Praise God! We are so thrilled, what good news. The power of prayer works and we are continuing to PRAY:) We visit the blog every day and always want to know how you are doing, Liz. We're with you in all of this....

Jenn (for the McDowells)

Anonymous said...

Thank God!
I'm so glad it's more good news, we'll keep praying that the good news keeps coming.
Hang in there Lizzy......this too shall pass. You WILL get through this.
Love to you all...always,
Aunt Laura

Jamie DeMumbrum said...

Great news for Lizzy!!!

Just wanted to let you know that the DeMumbrum (remember Olivia from BB?) family is praying for Lizzy and for her speedy, utterly complete recovery!

Best wishes,
John, Jamie, Max, and Olivia

freyfamily said...

heyy liz its nikki! i really wanna come visit you but i have a cold and i got the mist instead of the flu shot! you are in my prayers and my friends too! :D keep it up! stay strong!

Alexxx Underwood(: said...

it is alex underwood(:
GREAT NEWS(:im sorry that i cant visit you because i wont be 14 untill december buti wanted you to know i am thinking of you! & so is bill(: haha, its also really sad because Amy doesnt sit with us any more. We miss you at lunch(:
alx (:

Kristi said...

YEAH!! There you go chicky chick you got the power can nail this evil to the ground. Thank God for the wonderful staff at Childrens. Jesus is working there hands and minds,we will keep those prayers the picture with you and Cat...Aren't big sis's the best...
Thank you so much for keeping us all informed it has been so comforting. I know first hand how you feel. I was in this situation with my sis couple years ago..she is doing great are so strong like a rock with a huge heart, you keep on protecting your sis she needs that from you..we love you all so much,if you need me for anything don't hesitate to call...and please keep an eye out for my buddy(your mom)I really worry about her.
Jesus Heals and it is showing!!
much love and hugs,

Erica said...

ahhhh! i miss you sooo muchhh! [it's erica boden by the wayy (= ] art is soooo boringg without you! lunch is lonely as well (= i'm coming to visit you ASAP! i even have my flu shot! i'm praying soo hard! everyone @ school is thinking of youu (= i'll send you another card soonn. keep it up liz, your doing great! keep fighting. LOVEYOUU!
erica boden (=

Sarah A said...

Hey liz!!

I love you girl soo much! I hope you get better.

I miss seeing you in the hallway and at basketball, listening to your laugh, and seeing your big smile.

I am praying for you every chance i get! Girl you are soo strong!

Sarah Ammons :)

Harry and Julia Grzeskowiak said...

Your volleyball buddy Emily Grzeskowiak made us aware of the battle you and your family are engaging in. Emily's grandfather spent the summer getting chemo and radiation treatments for cancer of the jaw. We relied on friends and family to keep us energized through this ordeal and on prayer to keep us focused on the conquest of this evil which is cancer. You and your family will be in our daily prayers as we accompany you on this journey to total wellness. We encourage you all to reach out as you identify any needs and to know your friends will be there for you.

The Coffmans said...


We are soooo very happy for the good news. We know more is on the way. You are wrapped in so much love and prayer. God will see you through this and I know he is using this illness in his plan for your life. We have been praying for you but also another girl around your age at Children's. Her name is Morgan and she is from West Chester and we just found out that she has bone cancer. Maybe you can meet up with each other.

The Coffmans

Lisa said...

Answered prayer! We will keep praying daily. Keep your spirits up - it's so obvious you have an amazing team behind you guys. Call on your team when in need.
Blessings, Doug and Lisa Mader

Jenny McDowell said...

Prayers from Georgia from Kayla's Aunt!! Stay stong in the Lord Liz...He is with you!! Jenny McDowell

mic said...

Hey Liz its your neighbor Megan (had to use my brothers acount) and just wanted to let you and your family know we are all praying for you and tonight in Faith alive almost everyone prayed for you to get better and that is like over 100 peole. So stay strong and you can fight through this.

Joe said...

Hey Liz,

Could not sleep last night wondering how you were doing. Great news though from the message posted last night. That is fantastic!! You had to be relieved.
Tell yur mom and dad hello and that they are also in my prayers.
Luv Uncle Joe

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Ginger said...

Liz, Randy and Christine, That is great news!! Your hair cut looks great Liz!! I am looking forward to seeing you. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday!! You are amazing Liz!! Your strength and faith inspire me!!

Love, Ginger