Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, October 27th, 1:07 p.m.

I'm receiving updates from a variety of sources on any given day and am doing my best to make sure the blog is as updated and clear as possible based on those updates. Here is the latest from Deb McIndoe, a friend of the family:

Today is a big important day for Liz. She is having a "port" put in, that will allow the staff to give IV meds, and take blood easier. She is having a spinal tap to test the spinal fluid, and also to give an initial med that will protect her organs as the chemo starts to work. The leukemic cells will die quickly and will be need to be flushed out.

Liz is also having a bone marrow aspiration to see what kind of leukemia she has. The tests should be back tomorrow the latest. The doctors will start an aggresive protocol of treatment tomorrow based on the results.

Leukemia is when the bone marrow produces way too many immature white blood cells. These immature cells cannot fight infection, so Liz is more prone to infection, and they also take up lots of room so there are much fewer platelets, red blood cells and mature white blood cells. Before the bone marrow today, her platelets need to be 100 or above. The nurses gave her a 3rd bag of platelets last ngiht as her level was only 61.

There is MUCH to be hopeful for. Childrens is an amazing facility, and the oncology unit is in the top 3rd in the world. The protocols are even better than when I worked in pediatric oncology 15 years ago, and they were terrific then. Lizzy is in for a very rough season though. As chemo destroys fast-growing cells, it affects good fast growing cells like hair and mucus membranes. They will try to support her with anti-nausea meds and such, but she will likely expereince nauseau, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth ulcers and maybe hair loss. She will feel VERY sick. Her white blood count will drop very low, and she will be prone to infection. All of this is to be expected, and can be very serious. At the very least, there will be many late nights, and Liz will be very sick for awhile.

They changed Liz's room last night. She is on the 5th floor in room 45. It is a bigger room, and she was up for giving Randy (her dad) instructions on how to hang her cards on the wall! (Adorable!) She is making a montage on the wall, so colorful home made cards are a treat!

If/When you visit, please make sure to wash your hands. Christine (mom) likes it when visitors take the initiative to wash their hands! Yes, we need to PRAY. For for wisdom, for peace that passes understanding...for complete and total healing!


Dan McLaughlin said...

Our Aerobics group is also praying as well as all my PartyLite friends! The boys and I will be meeting to pray with some of the youth today at 3:30pm. We're praying for strength for her and Randy & Christine and for the entire staff. We are extrememely thankful for them!
We love you Lizzy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Liz actually may not be taking visitors for a little while. If you are sick at all in any way please do not come, even if it is sneezing. She is getting her first bit of chemo today so make sure you call me or my parents to see if she is even up to seeing anyone, she is going to be very tired and very sick.
However, the cards and caring is all very appreciated. If you have made her something you could maybe send it with the Sargents, they are here often. Or with my brother Jim. Liz deffinately loves the cards.
Thanks, Cat

Kacey said...

Hey liz,
This is Kacey! I just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that I wish the best for you. We all miss you at school and we are all thinking about you. Get well soon! I will be down with some chicken nuggets soon. If you need anything just tell me. Get well soon. Language Arts isn't the same without you!!We are praying for you.
- Kacey

McVey19 said...

Hey Liz,
It's Connor i just wanted to say your in my prayers and i hope you get well soon. I miss you! Math class is just boring without you so stay strong.

Kristi said...

Hey liz and family Mrs. Jones here..I have spread the prayers for you to so many mom has notified Christ Church at Mason and my grandma is contacting her church prayer chain...I love you all so much we are here for you with whatever you need...Liz i have your picture close to me on my phone...everytime I make a call or pick it up I see your smiling face i say a prayer and keep you close to my heart...much love to all stay strong and lean on Jesus!!

Kristi said...

hey girl, Your my best friend you know and I love you. Even though we aren't neighbors anymore you are still my big sis. You have to promise me that when this is all over me and you are going shoping.
Annie Jones

Lisa said...

Hi Lizzy, It's Mrs. Bargo. I want you to know that we are thinking of you and are praying too. I know this is unbelievably tough right now, but you are in a wonderful hospital with a whole city of support and I know you are going to do well. If there is anything we can do, for you or your family, please let us know. Tell mom I will be in touch. Love you:) Lisa, Brian & Chase

Kristi said...

hey its luke. when i heard that you had leukemia i had some tears coming from my eyes.i love you like a sis. i will pray for you every day until you get better.
your brother luke j

Overbey said...

Hey Miss Liz,

Everyone in social studies class misses you! It's just not the same without your sunny smile. You will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Stay strong and hurry back to MMS soon!

Mrs. Overbey :-)

wspeare said...

hi. even though i dont know you very well i still want to say Get well!! We hope you can come back and have fun with us~ i hope the test goes well and you will do fine

emily grz... said...

Hey girl Hey,
It's Emily from your kick butt j.o. volleyball team. haha. I just wanted you to know that the love you have with you is unimaginable!!!! You wouldn't believe the love that is sent your way. Even a kid from my life skills class said you were in his prayers. It's just crazy how much love one person can have with them. Me and Anna and Paige talk about you every day together and cry together for you. We all know you will get well soon and everything will be ok.
love, Emily
P.S. The volleyball team loves you and it just won't be the same without you this year. We are going to wear something when we play so you will always be part of the team:) lots of love

kayla =] said...

LIMMM!!! i miss you so sooooooo much! especially at lunch becuase i always have extra pretzles =] i am so i glad i got to see you sunday and i have been praying for you so much. i always think about you and talk about you =] ill text soon!
(special K =])

ps. thanks for the monkey on facebook?!?!

LaurenC said...

Hey Liz! It's Lauren. I miss you so much in science. It is just not the same without you. I really hope that you feel better. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to see you back at school. It is so boring without you. Please feel better soon. I will try to come and visit you as soon as possible. Stay strong Liz! We love you so much!

Love Lots,
Lauren C.

Kristi said...


Hey there Smiley Jack it's Mr. Jones. I sure hope your surgery today went well. I'm praying hard for your health. You are an awesome young lady and I know you are VERY tough! Hang in there and let those great doctors make you better. I'll talk to you soon. With Love and a great big Hug,

Taylor C said...

Hey lizzy, so i know we don't really know each other well but our families have known each other for quite awhile. I was really really shocked to hear the news but you're incredibly strong and you'll get through it without a doubt. You should have seen church the other day..we made a big prayer huddle thing and prayed for you. You have an amazing church who loves and supports you. I also know you and you're family and you guys have INCREDIBLE faith. You've been in my thoughts and prayers along with everyone else at church. We love you very much!
<3 Taylor Coffman

SAMi. said...

its sami andd . . .i freakin love you . stay strong like i know you will . i still have the cards i forgot to bring on friday :) . lunch is nothing without you . amy doesnt sit by us anymore !!! haha . anywayys. ill be by as soon as i can! love ya girlll.

CourtNalder said...

Hey Liz,
It's Courtney. I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you get better soon. Stay strong!

Lee said...

Hey Liz it's Lee Sponseller. Just wanted to let you know that i am praying for you and your family. Even when the going get's tough just remember that my family and I believe you can get through it. Hope you get better soon. We all miss your smiling face at school.


Anonymous said...

LIZ!! i hope you get better REALLY soon. I Know this must be hard for you but i hope you know that everyone is praying for you! love you liz!

love-----Olivia Gaus!

deanj said...

Lizard, Just wanted to let you know that MMS is just not the same without your smiling face around here. Students as well as teachers around here miss you and you are talked about...obviously, in a positive way! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay stong like I know you will and we'll try to stop up to see ya once they let us. Take Care! -Mr. Dean