Friday, October 31, 2008

For Mason Middle School!

Hey everyone! I have a request from Mrs. G. She wants me to let all of you students and friends of Lizzy to know that this coming Tuesday, team unity and anyone else who wants to join will be wearing orange for Leukemia in honor of Liz. So feel free to join! Make sure to take pictures to send to me so that I can put them on this blog for her, my email is
Cat !


brittany said...

Still missing you tons and so is everyone else. I miss your quirky personality and your bright smile at basketball. This season qwon't be the same without you. KEEP FIGHTING!


Paige said...

hey how u doin! i miss you so so much! i luv ya!!!!!!!!!!! be positive! lol! I AM, I CAN,
I WILL!!!!!!


Anna* said...

Hey baby! i misss you sooooooo much! i will definatly wear orange just for you on tuesday! im keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! cant wait to see ya! ljs is praying for you to :) i love you tons and dont you ever forget it! ill see you soon love! <3 anna*

The Quigleys said...

Hi lizzie,

Wishing you continued strength through God!

Love, Uncle Geno