Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You made her smile!

You made Liz smile, giggle, and laugh with all the ecards sent through the Children's website. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to get on line and send her good thoughts. She has them hanging all over her room!

Lizzy had a rough start to her day but is getting better as the day progresses. She has been given pain meds, anti nausea meds, and platelets and will be sleeping peacefully soon.

I am calling it a morning and going to snuggle with Liz and watch Prancer. Please continue to pray for Liz and the side effects from these drugs and her own body's bacteria.



Annette said...

I see Batman has taken over the prayer shawl. If a dog can pray, he must be barking to heaven in his dreams. Hope you are resting well today Liz and Christine too!We are praying for no more side effects from those antibiotics. Chaplain Greg is hoping to visit tonight. Love, Annette

Melissa Lohman Grablovic said...

Awww...Batty! So nice of you to share your shawl with him. Wearing an orange shirt today and thinking of you. Hope you're doing better and will get out of there on Sunday.