Thursday, November 5, 2009

Once again, NO DELAY! God is good

If you look closely, you will see Lizzy's two frogs, Bud, the bigger one, and Tebbir (ribbet backwords).

Can you believe it???????? NO DELAY, this is the phase where Liz has a 30 day delay and they did a bone marrow aspirate to see if she had fallen out of remission in June. God has a great sense of humor!

Tomorrow we will begin the end of this wicked phase and by Dec. 8, we will hit maintenance. I can hardly believe it. Please, this is going to be a rough phase with ARA-stinkin-c and radiation so continue faithfully to pray that she remains healthy and out of the hospital. The light is shinning brightly at the end of this very long journey and it is something that we could not have gotten through without your prayers.

We still have a long road ahead of us but not nearly as intensive as the first 1.2 years have been. She will always need prayers, this is the only way, mentally, a person can get through such a difficult time.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT *********ORANGE OUT FOR LIZ******* tomorrow. Just wear orange for Liz, this also brings awareness and honor to all that are fighting Leukemia/Lymphoma.

Blessings to all of you,



Lisa M said...

WOW - just amazing news!!!! So happy for all of you. We will continue the prayers through December 8th and beyond :)

Blessings - Lisa

Annette said...

Love the frogs and the pink rocks! You rock Liz. Way to go on the no delays. Truly an amazing answer to prayer. Wearing orange today and praying for you today as you take on those stinkin drugs. Much love!

Molly D said...

Praise God...we prayed for you all last night and again this morning. Send a shout out to us if you need ANYTHING...I'm home all day and would be happy to run errands or something if you need me!

Hugs, love and prayers,

Molly D said...

And I mean I'm home all day most every day....not just today. ;)

Christina Schnitzler said...

I know it is sooo refreshing for the Lothrop family to see the BRIGHT light at the end of the tunnel! God is so faithful and this whole journey has been such a testament to that! I'm praying and praising every day :) <3Christina said...

I know we don't post very often, but you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Come on maintenance (you're gonna LOVE it!)!
Hang in there,
Trisha, Ethan, Lily, and Becca Kniskern