Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Liz is doing well with her radiation and cytarabine, ARA stinkin c. She is receiving radiation for 8 days, Mon. - Fri., a break Sat. and Sun., then finishing out next week, Mon. - Wed. Elizabeth will continue with ARAc again on Fri. - Mon.

The radiation is causing some discomfort in her ears and jaws. The pain does not last all day, only a few hours. The ARAc has some ugly side effects. This drug put Elizabeth in the hospital last Christmas, please pray that it does not this time. So far she is doing very well on it.

Please pray for minimal side effects of radiation and ARAc
Hold Natalie Bradley in your prayers. You can follow her on her carepage:



Cindy Dodson said...

Whoa, that's freaky! Technology is so amazing! Keep those spirits high Miss Lizzy and keep counting down!

Lisa M said...

WOW - a picture is worth a thousand words. Puts in perspective how important our prayers are!