Thursday, November 19, 2009

A few days stay

Well Liz has bought herself a few days stay in Children's Hospital. She woke up feeling pretty lousy today, nauseous, lethargic, and just plain crappy. We had a blood draw at 9:00 am, by 10:00 am we had her blood results. Liz needed more platelets, she was back down to 19k. While in the hospital being pre-medicated to receive her platelets, she spiked a fever. Being neutropenic, meaning an ANC of <500, a fever will cost you a hospital stay until the docs can find out the cause of the fever. Liz's ANC is zero still and is not showing any signs of coming up. The doctors ordered blood cultures and had a nasal swab for the flu, AGAIN! The swab will be back in 24 hrs, the blood cultures are about 48 hrs. I will update when I have some answers to why she is sick.

Please pray for Natalie Bradley and her family. Natalie is dying; it is only a matter of time. They are keeping her sedated and pain free. Steve, Rita, and TJ, are staying in her room until the end. Please pray for peace and comfort during what must be the most difficult time in a family's life.

Blessings, peace, and comfort to all of you.



kaylamcdowell said...

hey liz ! me and britt were thinking of you and tried to call :) hope you are feeling better and just know i think about you and pray for you every day :)

Lisa M said...

WOW - I'm off for a few days and MUCH happens. Thankful for your putting the chemo's behind and praying it's forever! I hope Liz is feeling better even before they find the cause of her fever.
My heart got ripped out for Natalie and her family. Literally brought me to tears. I'm wondering if she already died. I work with Saint Ursula wiht my company and they cancelled our phone conference for this morning b/c one of their students died of leukemia. I'm guessing, in this small, small world, that it is Natalie. Praying for her family and all of you.