Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 20

We are in day 20 of the Delayed Intensification I. June 9Th is day 29; this is a count day, ANC has to be 750 and Platelets 75k. We will have our blood drawn tomorrow, clinic on Tuesday, Wednesday off, Thursday blood draw, and Friday clinic day. Please pray that her counts start to go up and she will be able to continue on with out delay.

The second part of this phase is an outwardly tough phase. The first half of the phase is harder on the organs, heart, kidney, and liver. The second phase she will have an overnight admit with two chemos, cyclophasphamide and IT methotrexate. Liz will also receive the ARA(stinking)c chemo and a new immune-suppressant drug called 6TG. This drug is to suppress her immune system and the ARAc has flu like systems which was the cause of her being hospitalized last Christmas. Please pray for minimal side effects.

Liz had a wonderful weekend. She went to the KI water park on Fri., a pool party on Sat. and sort of went down hill on Sunday. Her sleeping has been way off due to the steroids but she will be going off of them Monday evening.

Please come out to Bdubs on Monday, June 1st to support Liz and Joel. They are two wonderful kids that have had a horrible thing happen to them last year. Despite this, Joel and Liz have stayed strong and faithful to themselves, their family, friends, and God. Please remember to print off a copy of the coupon so Bdub's will donate 10% of your bill back to these two kids and their medical bill.

Please continue to pray for:
All A5 South children and families.
Minimal side effects of Lizzy's treatment
No delays
Liz keeps a positive outlook on life.

May God continue to bless all of you as he has richly blessed our family. God is faithful and will see us through these hard times.

Continuing to pray,

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Lisa M said...

Moving into prayer warrior mode banning the bad side effects!

Bet you are excited for Randy to be out of school soon and around more. Be sure to take some time for yourself when you can.

Keep us posted - lifting all of you up! Lisa