Thursday, May 7, 2009

We will try for Tuesday

We had labs drawn at Liberty today and her counts are not good enough to start the DI1 (delayed intensification 1) tomorrow. The game plan is for labs to be drawn on Monday again and if they are 750 ANC and 75k platelets, we will have an O R slot for 6:30 am on Tuesday for her Interthecal Methotrexate, a three other chemo's. This is not an admit so we will be home that day. Liz's counts should start to drop around eight days later. This has the potential to be a pretty hard phase where her counts are perpetually low and has flu like symptoms and can spike fevers.

I am thankful for the gift of A5 South. We have been blessed to meet wonderful children, families, and medical staff through this life changing event in Elizabeth's life. God does work in mysterious ways and always for the good in a bad situation. I have never met children with such tenacity and the power to over come the odds.

Thank you for all your prayers that you are saying on behalf of Elizabeth and our family. Know that even though I do not know everyone that reads this blog, I do pray for all of you and I will continue to do so.

Please pray the her counts are up and we can start the new phase on Tues., May 12.


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Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...

Well, I guess it IS called DELAYED intensification! Hopefully it's not delayed too long. I know you guys are getting frustrated with that. Keep plugging along, your faith will be rewarded. I can't wait for the Butterfly Walk tomorrow!