Thursday, March 25, 2010

In, Out, In, You guess!!!!!

We are back in the hospital. Liz spiked a fever of 103 last night and after spending much time in the ED, we arrived in our room at 2:45 am. She is resting semi-comfortable at the moment. The are giving her two units of blood, antibiotics- zosyn and vancomyocin, and morphine for the pain. We are in here for at least three days, 10 if she has a bacteria in her body, and until her ANC is 200 and rising. At present, her ANC is a whooping ZERO! The last time this happened we were in here for three weeks. Please pray that that is not the case this time. Each time this happens to her it gets harder to deal with. Life can be very cruel and disappointing at best sometimes.

Please pray that this is just a normal thing that happens in maintenance,
her counts come up quickly,
her spirits stay strong,
all the families on A5 South,
the wisdom of the team of doctors that are placed in her care,

God ultimately has the control. No matter how we struggle for it, he always has it. Please please please pray for her complete recovery; this means NO relapse. God is an awesome God. No matter what our struggle is he is with us and that gives us comfort.

Blessings and enjoy your God given day,



The Merklinger Family said...

The Merklinger's are sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital. We will be saying extra prayers for you today. Just remember this is another bump in the road and soon you will be able to put this all behind you. Until then keep smiling that beautful smile! ♥

Laura Rice (Taylor's Mom) said...

Taylor would like to send Liz an e-card. Can you tell us what room she is in?

Christine Lothrop said...

Thanks! Liz will love that. We are in room 552 A5 South.

The Quigleys said...

Stay strong Liz and we hope you get out in a few days. We are saying extra prayers tonight for you and the kids on the floor. Think good thoughts!!

Jennie Straka (IE) said...

Coach & Christine,

Hi this is Jennie Straka(Graves). I haven't seen you guys since Lisa Seta's wedding. I heard from my brother, Eddie Graves, that you were in 5 south. He is currenlty in 5 North with my 18 month old niece who is happily wrapping up her last round of chemo for AT/RT. I wanted to send love to your beautiful family and let you know that I have added Liz to my prayers. She is in a wonderful hospital and comes from a family with a strong fighting spirit, so I know she will be home soon!! I looked for you guys in the halls last night when I was there for a visit, maybe I'll bump into you next time.. much love! My brother said to stop by if you wanted,505N.


Christine, Randy said...

Jennie! Great to hear from you! If you come again give a call 513 349-5237 Love to catch up!