Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back with a BANG!

We are home from our wonderful vacation. We had a great time. The weather was OK but who can complain, we were in Florida! Weather is subjectional anyway, right?!?!?!

We did not bring back the sunshine like we promised but we did bring back colds; we won't share them with you though.

Lizzy had a wonderful first day of school on Friday. Since her diagnoses in Oct. 25, 2008, Eight grade year, she has only gone to school 32 days. 30 days was before her diagnoses and two were the first two days of school this year. She has truly had her share of disappointments for a 15 year old but she handles it with such grace. I love her so much!

We had a rough go of things last night. After picking her up from school she began to feel poorly. She started to vomit in the car. When we got home I gave her ocycodone and ativan but the symptoms only got worse. The pain became concentrated on her right side where the appendix is. We called the hospital and they told us to go to the ED right away. I made it to Pfiffer Road but the pain became too much and we had to pull over and call 911. They meet us at the BP on Pfiffer Road and took us the rest of the way to Children's. About five hours after the pain and vomiting started it ended, just as quickly as it came on. The doctors have not figured out what the problem is/was.

Liz had a chest xray for the rattle and whizzing they heard in her lungs, they wanted to rule out pneumonia. Thank God it came back clear. The relief on her face and in body was actually visable. She also had an ultra sound on her ovaries and kidneys. The doctor felt it might be twisted ovaries which would entail surgery. That was also ruled out. Her ovaries are very small and was hard to find but they did and they were not twisted. Doctors said they are small due to the chemo and the depo provera shots she has received. Please pray that the small ovaries will correct themselves when she is no longer on chemo. She had traces of blood in her urine so they felt it could have been a kidney stone. Bottom line ....... we really do not know. That is not a real reassuring feeling but Liz is fine and not in any pain.

We were discharged at 1:30 a.m. and she is sleeping peacefully upstairs. All is well within our soles. As Liz said on the way home "God answered another prayer." "He always does!" She is so right!

Thank you for being with us on our very long journey. I am grateful to all of you for your prayers and support. People are always asking us why, why why???? Lizzy's response is and always has been "if not me then it would be someone else."

We go in Tuesday for her heavy dose of chemo. She will have Vincristine and Interthecal Methotrexate. Please pray for minimal side effects of both of these chemos. Vincristine causes bone, joint, and abdominal pain and Methotrexate causes back pain from the procedure, and mouth sores. Please pray that her cold goes away and does not turn into anything other than just that, a cold.

Blessings and prayers,


Cindy Dodson said...

Wow, Liz. You really know how to keep things interesting. Never a dull moment at the Lothrop household! Glad you are feeling better. Hope you continue to progress well and have far more good days than bad. Seems like your uphill climb is still throwing you a few pebbles. But, I guess as long as there are no more boulders, all is good. THanks, Christine for updating the blog. Britt and Kayla are at a vball tourney so I was able to update them w/the good news. Have a restfull weekend all.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...I bet you all were so scared. I'm so happy to hear that the tests came back with good results. Everytime I see that she's gone to the hospital my heart drops (as I'm sure everyone's does). Liz, you are amazing. Keep fighting girl!

Christina Schnitzler said...

What a relief! I'm praying hard for you Lizzy, like i always do <3 You are such a special person..a hero to many!! I love your strength and your're awesome! Glad you're feeling better..i passed a kidney stone shortly after having really sounds like that's what it was! I vomited and was in such excruciating pain (wayy worse than child birth!!!) Love u :)

The Katich Family said...

oh my, I glad things resolved themselves without surgery. I love your faith and humbleness. Amazing. Keep the end in sight. Soon you will be counting down just as Kristin is. Although we have never met and we will be counting right with you.

Jennifer said...

You girls are absolutely gorgeous. Liz, you have such a great support system. Christine, Liz couldn't have a better mom. I am so excited that you girls are jumping out on a limb and coming in tomorrow night! Hope and positive thoughts are the best route to take on your 'adventure'. You girls take care and always smile. Smiles are contagious. I'll do my best to keep myself updated. I would love to be posted on the events that take place for fundraisers too. I'd love to help in anyway. See you girls soon! xoxo -Jennifer (NEW VIEW MODELS)