Saturday, March 27, 2010

hospital update

We are still here, just in case you thought we were anywhere else.

Liz is finally feeling better. She has been fever free for about 14 hours now, please keep praying. We have no idea when she will be released. The nurses and doctors are putting their educated guess on her white board. Earliest one is Thur. 4-1. Personally, I thought that was a cruel joke .... not really. The latest is Tues. 4-6. They are all being optimistic. I figure God will release us when the time is right. Go ahead, give us your guess. I will tell you she usually takes three weeks and we are 2.5 weeks into it. Also, a little insight, the precursor cells that they look at to see if her ANC is coming in are not showing yet. Now that you are adequately armed with this information, you are qualified to guess.

Please continue to pray for all the children on A5 South and the wonderful staff.



Melissa Lohman Grablovic said...

Wednesday 3/31 - What do I win if I get it right? :)

Christine, Randy said...