Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We are home. We came home yesterday around 11:00 am and could not be more thrilled, her ANC is 290. It is good to sleep in your own bed but better to know that your daughter's body is producing the new bone marrow.

Thank you to all how have been faithful to us during this difficult time. Upward and onward to a brighter future.



Laura Rice (Taylor's Mom) said...

Dear Liz
I just updated Taylor - she is so happy for you!
On another note - thank you for your inspiration. Taylor's cousin in Memphis is going through a tough time. We sent him some inspirational updates from your blog. Just by sharing your story and faith you are helping people all over the country.
Thank you

Virginia said...

That is great news! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Kendra said...

yea! great news!

Daniella said...

Yay for being home!!! No place like home! So glad to hear that news...keep those numbers going in the right direction.

Keep up that positive attitude. You are AMAZING!


Lisa M said...

Enormously great early Christmas gift!!!! Rising counts and your own bed - WOW!

Katie said...

Hey Liz!

I'm so happy you're home!
However, my life is more boring without you :)
But being home is WAY WAY WAY better.
Enjoy it, and stay away for a long time, please!!

Katie #2