Sunday, October 4, 2009

While we are waiting for the DI2 phase to start, I thought I would let you know what Liz has been up to. She is feeling really good right now, her last dose of chemo was September 22.

October 2, Liz and I went for a small jog around the neighborhood. She loved every minute of it especially when I ate the sidewalk. She was laughing so hard at me when I fell that she swallowed an insect and I did not feel the least bit sorry for her. How come if I had fallen at age 26 I would be a klutz but at age 46 it is just because I am old???? Can anyone answer this for me?

Last night she went out for a walk/jog again and had Corrine, a friend, come over to hang out for a little while. After Corrine left she stayed up until 3:30 a.m. talking to Connor on skype. I don't know about her but I am exhausted. If you have skype, this is a great way for her to stay connected. Her counts will be down under 500 most of this new phase and with the flu and respiratory season clearly underway her visits with people will be limited.

It is great to see Liz feeling good again. She is still having issues with her joints and muscles but all-in-all she feels great. She is being a typical teenager and giving me fits about wanting to go and see and do. I have to be the bad one and always say no no no! She is not really digging her mother right now. I love it!!!! This house feels normal for a little while!

Please continue to pray that Elizabeth gets to go to homecoming,
her counts rise so we can begin the last phase before maintenance,
her internal organs will be protected from all the chemos in the next phase,
she remains healthy,
all the families and children on A5.

Blessings to all of you.



Melissa Lohman Grablovic said... didn't tell me you ate sidewalk! Ah I feel the camaraderie. So it's because we're old we fall? I still thought it was because I'm clumsy!

Annette said...

Really Christine, you should only run on the beach when you are old. LOL! Just in case you fall, you land on soft surfaces like sand! I am really glad I missed the fall because I am afraid I would be chuckling with Liz. You better be ready to catch your mom next time Liz. See ya all out jogging soon!