Sunday, October 18, 2009

update on day 9 of DI2

Great news for a friend from Children's, Natalie Bradley. Her bone marrow transplant (BMT) was a success! Natalie was diagnosed with AML, a different form of Leukemia, before Liz was diagnose. She is now in remission! Her brother, TJ's, bone marrow was as perfect of a match as possible and she has life to look forward to again. I believe Nat had about a 1% chance of survival. If you don't believe in miracles you may want to visit Children's on the 5th floor. Yes, there is great sadness but there is also great joy, joy like a lot of us have not experienced and by God's grace and the exceptional staff, the Bradley's are experiencing this joy. They are a strong family of faith and excepted what the odds were but never gave up their faith in our Father. You can read and follow Nat's progress on her carepage.

Liz is tired and sick of being sick. her mental state of mind is being affected by the steroid, dexamethasone. It is causing her sleepless nights and days, anger, depression, and sadness. She is off of the steroid right now but will be going back on them this Friday for another seven days. The doctors are going to put her on a drug called Seroquel. Seroquel will help with her sleeping issues and mental state while on this steroid. Once she is done with the steroid, she will also go off of the Seroquel. She is also on Tamaflu for the next 10 days. For her, this drug is causing a lot of pain in the stomach and severe light headedness. I am sure her side effects are aserbated by the fact she is on so many other heavy drugs. Liz is not sick but was in contact with her cousin who at the time was not showing any signs of being sick but was in fact contagious and came down with a fever about 8 hours after spending the day together. Please pray for Melissa and her baby as she is eight months pregnant.

Liz has a lot going on before she hits maintenance but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. God is good and he is showing us wonderful things in life that we may have missed if we would not have hit this LITTLE glitch in our lives. Remain faithful to HIM and you can get through anything and come out being a better and stronger person for it.

We will meet with Dr. Brenneman on October 29 at the Barrett Center in preparation for radiation that will begin sometime in November. They will be making a mask of her face that will be used during the radiation procedure. We will also be getting a schedule of her treatment and taking a tour of the center and the area of where she will be receiving her radiation.

Continue to pray for all the families on A5 South and Nat's miracle of remission.
Side effects from all the drugs
Lizzy's vital organs to be protected during this phase
Lizzy's mental state of mind
Her team of doctors and nurses that take care of her all week long

Blessings and good health.



Aunt Patti said...

Lizzie Grace,
Hang in are one tough cookie! Miss you and as always praying for your side effects to be minimal.
Love Aunt Patti, Uncle Scott and the Blakster

sara said...

Liz, I read your blog everyday. You are a hero.

Cindy Dodson said...

Hey Lizzy Girl! Keep your eye on the prize. You are stonger than you know! Love, Mrs. D.

Annette said...

Hi glitter girl,
We are praying sleeeeeeep for you all and relief from the Tamaflu drugs. You are almost up the hardest hill right now of your treatment. God is holding you up so let him carry you. When we are weak, He is strong. Nobody knows that like you! Love, Annette

Molly D said...

Hey, Lothrops:

Is there anything we can bring you or do? Is there anything that Liz would really like that would lift her spirits and help with the boredom? We'd love to do anything we can!
The Detweilers (we're in your Plunge group...hope you get to come this week!)

Kristi said...

Hey Liz,
sending you hugs and kisses and mostly prayers as you go through yet another tough phase..We love ya..livestrong and fight!!! know we are all here by your side..

love the Jones family!!!

Melissa Lohman Grablovic said...

This one sounds tough, but you can do it!


Stacie said...

Liz I loved your pictures from homecoming. You looked beautiful! I pray for you everyday.
Stacie F.