Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking for Good Help!

Everyone is just splendid in the Lothrop household  Liz continues to be healed by God, through your prayers, and the wonderful doctors that God has so graciously put before us.

Jim is adjusting nicely to college life.  I never hear from him so I guess that is a good thing.  Randy keeps reminding me to open up my fingers and let go, not an easy task for a mother.  Jimmy has had his first round of mid-term exams.  He said it is a bit different than high school.  I do believe that I have said those exact words to him at some point in time but like most kids, he did not adhere to them. He wishes he would have now.  Live and learn, right?!?  He is doing well with his Eosinophilic disease too.  As long as he continues to stay on the steroids he seems to be doing well.

Here is where the title of this entry comes into play.  A few wonderful women and myself are looking for good strong men and women to help us put together a 5k walk/run race for  August 2011.  The money raised will go toward the Light the Night walk in Sept. and hopefully a few other avenues.  If you would be willing to help us in this endeavor please let me know.  I will be having a meeting at my house to brain storm and divide up into committees.  We are thinking of having it like a little festival with food, games, the run/walk, corn hole tournament, etc.etc.etc., so if you are interested in joining this fabulous team for a wonderful cause please let me know asap and come with some ideas!

Please continue to pray for:
Liz, that she keeps responding well to her treatment and she stays in remission.
Joel Brown, that he stays in remission and the immature cells in his spine are nothing.
Jim, for his Eosinophilic disease, that the steroids continue to help his condition.
That our faith in the Lord will always remain strong and continue to grow stronger.

May you feel the love of God as we have over the past 24 months; it is ineffable in all the ways that we have felt God's love, peace, strength, hope, and presents.



Robin OK said...

You know I'm in, Christine!!

Annette said...

We would love to help and run of course!
The whole Sargent running clan

Christine Lothrop said...

Melissa Lohman Grablovic I'm in if you weren't sure!
October 16 at 4:03pm · Like

Christine Westhoven Lothrop I can always count on you! And yes, I knew you were in. You are the other mastermind behind this event :)
October 16 at 4:11pm · Like

Melissa Lohman Grablovic Oh no! We're in trouble!
October 16 at 5:16pm · Like

Christine Westhoven Lothrop you know it!
October 16 at 5:23pm · Like

Christine Lothrop said...

Robin Ok Glad all is going so well.... and you know I'm in for the LaLa 5K- planning, helping and running!
October 16 at 3:18pm · Like

Christine Westhoven Lothrop You are an amazing person Robin, Thanks!
October 16 at 4:12pm · Like

Julie Stinson Great picture cuz! LOVE the ORANGE! I have that exact shirt and an orange car (bug) - it is my favorite color now and you all look awesome in it.
October 16 at 8:27pm · Like

Christine Westhoven Lothrop Thanks Julie, it happens to be one of my favorite colors now too.
October 16 at 8:57pm · Like

Christine Lothrop said...

Cindy Winters Veit Thinking of all of you especially Joel and his family. I will be wearing orange tomorrow for him!
14 minutes ago · Like