Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Down, Angry, and Scared ... but NOT out!

Joel visiting Liz two weeks ago when she was having a bad reaction to the chemo.  Both of them were on steroids .....  just guess how many bags of popcorn they ate?!?

We have just gotten horrible news.  Joel Brown, Lizzy's good friend and classmate, has relapsed.  We are in disbelief.  We have seen this "relapse" happen time and time again on the Oncology floor but never believed that it would happen to Joel or Liz.

Joel will go in this Friday for a bone morrow biopsy and be admitted for the Induction Phase.  This phase is to get Joel back into remission, it is a 29 day cycle.  Joel will take the same treatment route that Lizzy took.  He will go through Induction of 29 days, Consolidation of 58 days plus delays, Interim I of 58 days plus delays, Delayed 1 of 58 days plus delays, Interim 2 of 58 days plus delays, and Delayed 2 of 58 days plus delays.  Yes, you got it ... without delays it is another unfathomable 319 days of very intense chemo.  I'm sorry, but I am really having a hard time understanding why a child or any one for that matter has to endure this cancer trip once let alone twice. If anyone has the answer to that one, please help me out here.

Please keep Joel and his family in your prayers and wear Orange this Thursday for Joel.  It will be his last day of school for possible the rest of this school year.  He will need a lot of support, prayers, and love from his friends.

Prayers and blessings for the Brown's


Annette said...

Just read the news and it feels like the wind was just knocked out of us. Struggling to find words to say, yet giving our anxious thoughts to the only One who can bring peace to our hearts. No answers, just questions, and praying for you all. We will continue to fight on our knees and wear orange on Thursday!

Christine Lothrop said...

Mieke That poor child! This brings more tears to my crying eyes. I wish I could help out somehow! I just don't understand so much right now.... nothing makes sense to me anymore. Please know I am thinking of them, sending all the strength I have left in me
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Sharon Reichert Barns I wish we could all understand. I am sorry. I will be praying for Joel and Liz.
5 hours ago · Like
Jackie Bialecki Westfall prayers continue, Christine ♥
5 hours ago · Like
Melissa Lohman Grablovic Remember how I was telling you that sometimes I get mad? This is one of those times!
4 hours ago · Like
Carole Kapcia Hanbury So sad! How is Liz taking the news? Praying for healing and strength for Joel and Liz and both of your families!
4 hours ago · Like
Dan Reed no answers, just hope and prayers for all of you as you take this unexpected journey.
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Kathy Dockery Barb So sorry to hear this. I'll be thinking of him and his family and praying for continued strength.
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Karen Miller Hannah No answers, all we can do is pray and trust. I will be on my knees this morning.
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Regan Hamilton Vollette Thanks for letting all of us know so we can help carry the burden by praying for Joel and Liz.
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Dawn Feagans Pendergast I'm so sorry. I will be praying Joel and his family and for you guys as well.
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Tammy Trenaman Oh, Christine, this just breaks my heart. I'll be praying for Joel. May God give him strength and endurance and a cancer free future.
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Joni Oakley Stopped and prayed for God's healing hand. Thank you for telling us and pls keep us updated.
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Greg Hines Thinking of the Brown family, I'll be wearing orange tomorrow for Joel.. Lynn
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Anonymous said...

my heart sank reading that news. I cannot even make myself believe that he has relapsed. But we never stopped believing before and we wont now. I will continue to pray for Joel to get his health back and will definitely wear orange on thursday!