Friday, April 23, 2010

Prayers for tonight's event and update ")

Good morning -
Tonight is Catherine's Relay for Life at University of Cincinnati. She works so hard on this event all school year and enjoys being part of it. Please pray that at least the thunder storms stay away. I don't know if you know how this event works, but these college kids stay out and up all through the night, with the event ending Sat. morning. I am not worry about her safety because security is everywhere. Catherine is in charge of the slide show of survivors and those who have lost the battle. If you have pictures of people that you would like to honor please send them to Catherine at: the pictures will not make it into the video this year but they will for next year. The video is shown during the time of silence and continues to run silently during the rest of the event. It is a beautiful tribute.
Please pray for Randy too. He is speaking at the event about Elizabeth, her diagnoses, prognoses, and our life over the last 19 months. Pray that he is strong and can make it through our story by glorifying God at all times.

Life seems to be resuming for Liz. She has been in school for two weeks now with only a few tardies due to treatment or fatigue. We are down to having her blood drawn once a month, Vincristine every 29 days, Interthecal Methotrexate every 90 days, Mercaptopurine every night, Methotrexate pills every seven days, Prednisone, and Fluconazole. She has an arsenol of other meds on hand for pain and nausea which she uses around every 29 days. Instead of living every minute trying to deal with the side effects, we are now at least living day by day. I remember so clearly Liz having her Methotrexate, vomiting within seconds of it hitting her system, and then continuing to battle the horrible side effects for the next five to six days. There would be days that our curtains were never opened because of the debilitating headaches, nausea, and bone pain Liz would have with all the chemo. Her eyes were extremely sensitive and her bones would ache due to the Vincristine chemo.

Our God is an awesome God. I know you hear this a lot from people and it seems so cliche but it is true. Some people know the awesomeness of God with out tragedy and some learn of God's great love, grace, peace, and mercy through journeys. However you come to know the Lord the point is that you did. May God always be a part of your life, good and bad. He is the one constant.

"But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever" (Psalm 52:8).


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Melissa Lohman Grablovic said...

How did it go? I wish we could have been there.