Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It has been a while

Brittany, Liz, and Jim at Lakes Park, Florida.

Liz is doing great! She had a wonderful spring break, only two trips to the hospital for blood draws while we were there. She has started back on her daily chemo but only at 50% dosing. The docs will try 75% in a month or two and then up to 100% dosing. If her body will hold her counts at 100%; that is the ultimate goal. Her blood counts, like the ANC and platelets need to remain at the magical numbers of 750 and 75k.

Please continue to pray for all the kids on A5 South,
the staff that takes such good care of them,
Liz remains in remission,
minimal side effects of all her chemo and drugs she still takes.

Blessings and enjoy this God given day.


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The Katich Family said...

good news! Yes,prayers as always.