Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids need your help

Liz giving a thumbs up to the donor of the blood and platelets that she was receiving.

I have asked a lot from all of you over the past 16 months; for prayers, for money to support our cause, fundraisers, walking events in support of Liz and the list goes on and on and on. I am going to prayerfully ask that you consider giving blood products. Elizabeth would not be her today if not for the generosity of selfless and giving people. I have learned so much from being a caregiver of a child with cancer. Elizabeth has gone through so many units of blood and platelets that I have lost track of the amount. She will never be able to give back by giving blood because of her type of cancer. This is something that really bothers Liz because she knows a persons life is depending on it. My child is here because of people who give and I cannot thank you enough.

Platelets take any where from one to two hours to give. The shelf life for platelets is three days, but no need to worry about them going bad, the last time I gave platelets the bag left with a name on it and it went directly to Cincinnati Children's. The Plasma I gave went to Shriners downtown. A person can give platelets every two weeks and blood can be giving every 56 days.

Patients continue to need life-saving blood, no matter the weather conditions. Like everyone, Hoxworth Blood Center is dealing with the snow yet again. Hoxworth will remain open! Donors can call 513-451-0910 to find a place to donate. All donors, 2/15-2/20 will be automatically registered to win a pair of Suite Tickets to the SOLD OUT Taylor Swift Concert on March 28th!

Please consider giving the gift of life, you never know who you are going to save!

Blessing and prayers,



The Quigleys said...

Everyone every where can give in Lizzie's name. Please help us!

Stacie said...

Mike gave yesterday :)

Christine Lothrop said...

Alright!!!! I give platelets and plasma on Monday. With my blood type, A Positive, they said they needed me to give platelets. I guess they just want to see me every two weeks ")
Tell Mike THANK YOU!