Friday, February 19, 2010

Go for Monday!

Catherine, Lizzy, and Haley this past summer going canoeing.

We had Lizzy's lab work done and she is finally a go for her next big chemo. I feel like we are always fighting day 29. Her ANC is 950 and her platelets are 127k. Dr. Absalon, her primary Oncologist, was jumping with excitement when he saw her numbers. Thank you for your prayers for her.

Once again God continues to inspire me to always try my best and that is not easy to do. I fail at it all the time. I ran a race on Valentine's Day, oh how I wanted to quit that last 1/4 mile up hill to the finish line. Why do all races end on a hill and not going down the hill but up the hill???? All I thought about was Liz and how she would give anything to be out racing and doing things that we push ourselves to do because it hurts.......whaa whaa whaa. I didn't quit and it felt great! Not really, I wanted to heave my guts out but I am glad that I ran the race and did not stop.

Lizzy can't wait to get back into Volleyball. She said her goal is to get a volleyball scholarship. If anyone can do it, I know it will be her. If you want to see what a true fighter looks like just go to A5 south. I have never seen kids with such tenacity. Their will to survive and live a healthy life is something to admire.

We will go to Children's, at Liberty, for her chemo, Vincristine, Monday at 8:00am. Please pray for minimal side effects as this is the chemo that effects her joints and causes stomach pain. Liz will receive this chemo every 29 days; as long as her counts are 950 and 75k. Lizzy will also start back on her daily chemo Monday. We are now down to 363 days left of taking and having chemo. We are still in the Valley but we are walking toward the light with God always at our side.

Blessings to all,


Laura Rice (Taylor's Mom) said...

On the ride to work this morning everyone on the news was talking about Tiger Woods. What a waste of time. I wish that the news would focus more on true heroes and fighters in hospitals like Cincinnati Childrens or St. Judes in Memphis. I continued to be awed by the faith, strength and love of life these kids have.

Christine, Randy said...

I know. Our society has their priorities all messed up.

Annette said...

Love the matching bandana and swim suit in hot pink Liz! You are always in style. We are praying for Monday and those nasty side effects. You just keep pushing through one day at a time. Enjoy your weekend with your counts up!
Go paint the town hot pink.

The Katich Family said...

That is great news, all things considered of course. I love how you described your race and how Liz would give anything to be able to run. Soon Liz, I promise!