Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up hill? No wait, down hill.

Liz and Jim at Youth Group ")

Have you ever gone to a movie on the recommendation that "It is the best movie you will ever see". Well, maintenance is a bit like that. Liz and I had these illusions that when the tough weekly treatment was over and we hit maintenance we would "see the light". Let's just say that we are not breaking out the sunglasses. Although we are seeing less of the doctors and downtown Children's, we are not seeing more of the outside world. We do miss our doctors and the nurses. Believe it or not, hours of waiting at clinic now seems like a fun day out.

Lizzy's counts remain swirling at the bottom of the toilet. We had blood work done at Children's Liberty today and her ANC is 10, platelets 21k, hemoglobin 10, white blood cell (WBC) .05. If you want to visit, please call me first, also make sure you are not sick in any way, even having the sniffles. This is where her counts were when she was admitted in November and remained in the hospital for three weeks. Without an ANC ,immune system, Liz cannot fight her own bodies bacteria.

All chemo is stopped until her counts recover to an ANC of 750, and platelets of 75k. Last week Liz received two units of packed red blood cells and one unit of platelets. There is a critical crises for blood and platelets. If you have never given blood or platelets, please prayerfully consider donating. Your donation saves lives! Not every one can give financially but every one can see if they can give blood products and if they can it doesn't cost a thing.

Please pray for her ANC to recover
that she does not get sick
that we "see the light" soon
for the researchers and funds that have allowed there to be an 85% cure rate



Lisa M said...

Still checking - still praying. Sad maintenance is not all it's cracked up to be. Hoping it will become all that soon.

The Katich Family said...

Rats! I know exactly what you are saying, we felt the same way. Hang in there. Someone said maintenance is a walk in the park after what you have been through. I beg to differ with most of that sentiment, but counts will come up and hopefully all thsoe transfusions will be a thing of the past. HUGS AND KISSES!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! That stinks. We will pray that the light shines brightly very soon. We will also do an ANC dance. They'll be back up before you know it!!

Cindy Dodson said...

You guys are really being tested these days, aren't you? Dig deep for what got you through last winter and you'll come sailing through this winter as well. Freedom beyond your 4 current walls will be all the sweeter for having suffered through this time. We will pray you through!
The Dodsons