Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Count back

Liz and Batman riding home from Fort Myers

I was just going through my binder from the past 455 days of Elizabeth's treatment and here is a 14 month in review for you.

125 days in the hospital (3.5 months)
295 days at the hospital ( clinic, blood draws, blood/platelet transfusions, fevers)
35 days at home without running anywhere

God and you were with us every step of the way. No one could make it through that ordeal without the love of God, family, friends, and community. Thank you for being with us during our darkest moments and sharing some of our most wonderful moments of growing as individuals.

Please continue to pray for minimal side effects from her chemo and just the daily routine of all the drugs that she has to take.



The Katich Family said...

Dear Christine,
This is Leslie, Kristin's Mom. I hope this finds Liz feeling well and having a good day.Thank you connecting with our blog. I just read through your "journey." Wow Liz,you are a doll! You are right in that our girls have a lot in common. There are many similarities, even the oncology floor look similiar! Then again, how sad to share this common theme. It appears that you have some great support and "GO TEAM ORANGE!"
Live Happy,
p.s. May I ask if Liz has any mll gene arrangements?

Lisa M said...

I love that the prayer request is "just the daily routine" - no crisis....routine.....ahh. Love that for you. Still praying no matter how many days it's been!

Cindy Dodson said...

Here's hoping (and praying) the numbers are in reverse for the next 455 days! P.S. Batman is waaaaay spoiled!