Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is a poem sent to me by a true blog follower of Lizzy's. It was an answer to a very strong pray of mine that morning and brought such relief and a new flood of tears that day, the first day of school. Enjoy the poem, it has spunk just like Liz.


Cancer I did not give you the right,
To invade my body and take a bite.
This is my body and with all my might,
I will prevail with one hell of a fight.
To the cancer inside, I will battle and kill.
For that is my body's God given will.
To my cancer, these words I do send.
Your life is short and near the end.

Thinking and praying for you.

The Merklinger's

1 comment:

Hunter Britt said...

Good luck liz,
Family is still praying for you.
Hope you can feel better soon. Miss you!