Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thank you!

WOW, you guys rock. I would say amazing, but you already know we think you are amazing. What you have done for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of Liz and Joel is just mind boggling. Thank you for your prayers, generosity, support, and love. Like Lizzy said "I don't think I could make it thought without you".

I am still blown away, yet I am not, about the amount of money raised so far. $23,000!!!!!! Our family, friends, and communities have been so supportive of us and have gotten behind Elizabeth in her battle to survive. I can not even begin to tell you, as a mother, how much comfort that brings to me; when in the middle of the night sitting alone, staring at her, and praying with all my being for her to be cured. It is a lonely place and one that would be even more of a desolated place if you were not there, in spirit, praying right along with me.

Elizabeth goes in for her final treatment of chemo in this phase. Please be vigilant in your prayers for the protection of her body. These chemos together are a wicked combination. The IV Methotrexate is an escalating dose; this is the one that makes her vomit within 15 min. to an hour after she receives it. The Vincristine is the one that causes the excruciating bone and joint pain. The docs have put her on Nurotin for the aid in the joint and bone pain. We hope she will remain able to walk on her own with this drug. If all goes well and counts stay up at 750 ANC and 75k platelets, Liz will start her last tough phase before maintenance on October 9. God is good! We still have a rough road ahead for three to four months but we have made it through 11, we can do four more. I will study the Delayed Intensification Phase II and let you know what to expect as we get closer. I do know that the cranial radiation is frightening for her so please pray for her anxiety over this.

Blessings to all of you, may God continue to shine on you.


cath said...

All of your families lives are testimonies of where you get your strength and endurance.

jaok20 said...

You are all a blessing. Keep on believing!!

Chanda D. ~ Mason Relay Foe Life said...

After reading the article in the paper last week, I am amazed by the courage and strength of your family. Having been down this road of cancer several times before with numerious members of my own family, I can understand what you guys are going through.

I want to thank you all for sharing your story... and I especially want to thank LIZ for wearing the relay SURVIVOR shirt so proudly in that picture. I have taken on the role of Chairperson for the Mason Relay For Life and after seeing that picture, it brought a tear to my eye!! Stay strong!