Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Liz is doing great!

                                          Lizzy and Joel at UC before he left for BGSU (Ohio)

It has been a long time since my last post.  Liz is doing fabulous!
She is now a freshman at the University of Cincinnati.  She has three roommates and likes all of them.  She is enjoying her classes and two weeks ahead on her homework.  I would say she is off to a great start!

Liz has now graduated to the Five Year Survivor Clinic and sees Doctor Burns.  We had to say goodbye to Dr. Absalon; that day was  definitely  bittersweet.  We will miss Dr. Absalon tremendously.    Dr. Burns is not a stranger to us though, she treated Liz several times during her treatment.  We will see her twice for the next year and then go to once a year.  Wow,  I can hardly believe it!

I just went through Lizzy's medicine chest and disposed of more items that we used during her treatment.  It felt good and safe to purge these items.  The first time I did this, it was very hard and emotional.  Not this time...it was not hard and the emotions I had this time were so different than the last.  I had joy and excitement in letting go of things.

There are a few dates coming up that we would like to tell you about.
1)  Light The Night Walk is Sept. 26, in Mason, at the Community Center.  Please come out and walk with us.  It is a great night and walk.  If you would like to donate to our team, please go to:

2)  Our fundraiser for our team, Blazin With Love, is Oct. 13, at Kings Island.  Please come out and join us for a fun day of exercise run or walk the 3.2 miles that will take you through the park.  Your entry gets you into the race, shirt, and all day admittance to the park!  Visit our website at :
and sign up to help find a cure for blood cancer!  Liz and Joel will be there :)

As the time goes by, Randy and I reflect on our lives and our children's lives.  We have all been changed and reshaped by what we have gone through.  God showed us many silver linings and most were through the goodness of all of you.  We would not change the past five years for anything, because the Lothrop Family has become a better family, a closer family....and we are so thankful for every little or big thing that all of you have done for us and continue to do for us.

Blessings and prayers to all of you ~


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