Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three months out!

Liz and Joel ...  just hangin at the Brown's;)

Elizabeth continues to do well. Her platelet count is finally above low normal range. Low normal range is 150k, she hit 160k!!!!!!!! We were questioning if she  acquired an intolerance to platelets. This can happen when you receive platelets all the time, like she did. Praise God for answering prayers.

Lizzy's immune system, ANC, is 2840. the normal range for an immune system is between 1800 - 8000. Her lymphs are still low at 22 and the normal range is 34-42. She will get there, it is just Her immune system is just a little baby ")

Lizzy's next check up is June 10. Please continue to pray for her body to continue to recover and for her to stay in remission. Remember, there have been wonderful strides made in the way of blood cancers but...there is still no cure; only long term survival. As a parent, this is not acceptable.

Jimmy's EE has gotten worse since the last scope. No changes have been made in his protocol and he will be re-scoped in three months. As far as his hips go....he has issues, but tries to work through them. He doesn't want to give up any summer time for recovery time. His body will tell us when the replacement will happen. Right now he has learned how over come some of the pain and discomfort. Please continue to pray for Jimmy and the challenges that lie ahead.

Catherine will be getting her tonsils out next month. Please pray that the surgery is successful and she has as little pain and discomfort as possible.

Joel continues to do well and is one day away from day 100. He/we are praying that he will be able to start school next year. After placing an EG tube, feeding tube, down his throat he is finally gaining weight!!!!

Ephesians 1:16 

I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers,

Blessings and prayers  always ~ Christine


Christine, Randy said...

Bridget Bounds Noe Prayers, Prayers and Love to all the Lothrops!

Christine, Randy said...

Kim Meinert Swindeman That is wonderful to hear!
May 14 at 9:32am

Christine, Randy said...

Cindy Winters Veit Hang in there! Praying for all of you!
May 14 at 11:14am

Christine, Randy said...

Diana Savoca Britt Joel and Liz look wonderful...big, big prayers to both families!
May 14 at 11:22am