Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Are Still Here :)

Hello everyone! We are still here and doing great! Liz remains in remission and we are thankful and blessed beyond words. Life is precious and we remember this daily. Elizabeth continues with her monthy check-ups of blood draws and a typical physical. She has been completely re-immunized with all of the childhood vaccines. Seven shots in one day and she continued to smile, it is nice to know that somethings never change. We went to Hawaii over Christmas in 2011. If you remember, this was the vacation we were suppose to take Christmas of 2008, boy how things can change in an instance. We had the time of our lives and celebrated Randy's parents 50th anniversary and the gift of life. Liz made the Mason Basketball team in November of 2011. She loved every minute of it and it was wonderful to see her get physically stronger and be able to take care of herself on the court. The girls team was also the GMC Champs! Elizabeth had an ECHO and an EKG two months ago as part of her one year post check-up. unfortunately, the ECHO came back with a low read and will need to be redone in August. Dr. Absalon said ECHO's can give false reads so we are counting on this being a false read. A few of the chemo's that Liz was on during her treatment can cause heart damage. If so, we will deal with it when the time comes. Please pray along with us that her heart is in good condition and there will not be any damage now or in the future. We don't think of cancer every second like we use to, but it only takes a second for it to all come flooding back. Two weeks ago a little girl from Loveland, Becca Kniskern, was diagnosed for the second time with Leukemia. Becca was first diagnose the same weekend Liz was in 2008, with ALL, same as Liz. Becca and her family, Trisha, Ethan, and Lilly, need prayers for comfort, understanding, and peace. This has to be one of the hardest things to hear when you have been through it once. Becca has a form of AML (Leukemia) as a direct result from her treatment for ALL. When we discuss treatment for ALL, you know that there are risks of the chemo's giving you other forms of cancer, it is what we called a necessary evil. You really have no choice but to sign the consent forms, treat your child, and call on family and friends to pray for the best outcome. You can follow Becca's journey at: Please continue to pray for: Becca, that she becomes cancer free for the rest of her life Joel and Maya, that they continue to grow healthy marrow from their donors. Jay Geisler, who has just undergone prostrate surgery today. Pray that the doctors removed all the cancer and little to no long term side effects. For all that live and work on A5. May God continue to bless all of you as he has so graciously blessed us. Blessings ~ Christine

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