Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick update on Jimmy. We had his appointment with Dr. Putnum on Monday. Good news is that he is not on a liquid diet and the steroid is working on the inflammation. He can eat without a hitch and loves it. Jim's esophagus is less than 8mm; a person his size should have about 20mm. Doctor Putnum believes he will be able to stretch it between 10 and 12 mm when his esophagus is pliable enough to do this. Jim's next surgery is Sept. 13.
Bad news is. . . because his esophagus is so diseased, at this point, they can not do testing. Dr. Putnum feels it is not in Jim's best interest to test at this time because Jim would have to come off of the steroid and all the strides they have made thus far would be undone.
I understand a bit more about this disease after our consultation. This disease, Eosinopilic Esophagitus, is non-curable. It can be corrected if caught soon enough, meaning before strictures (scare tissues). However, you can never go off treatment, this disease will come back. You can keep it under control with diet and medication.
Dr. Putnum did say that Jim will remain on this steroid for the rest of his life. The only long term effect has been yeast infections of the esophagus and mouth and is easily treated with medication.
Please pray that they will be able to stretch his esophagus more on Sept. 13.
Pray that he will be lucky and never have to do any of the diets and that the steroids will do all it needs to do.
Pray that this disease does not progress.

Onto Elizabeth. She is doing great! Liz is taking Advanced Geometry this summer. Her dad is her teacher and they are loving every minute of it. She is playing sand volleyball every Thurs. night at Sports Express and taking private lessons from Greg Ulland once a week and loves it. She is enjoying being as normal as she can be while still taking chemo daily. Liz is getting ready to go to Cancer Camp July 11 - 16 and then onto Hilton Head July 16 - 23. The Brown family (Joel's family) will be going with us. Liz and Joel each are bringing two friends each. It is a welcome back to living vacation!
Please pray for minimal side effects of her chemo's.
Pray for her complete cure.
Pray for her friend, Critter. He had a bone marrow aspirate today and are waiting for the results. Pray that God had touched his marrow and healed him.
Pray for all the children on A5 South and North.

Blessings ~ Christine

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