Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here we sit at Children's

Our day started at 5:30 a.m so Lizzy's first part of the morning in done, she has had her LP/IT Methotrexate (chemo in the spine) and it did not go so red hot. She is a tough one to get the fluids out of her spine sometimes on the first "stick" so consequently the doc had to stick hera few times in the lower part of the spine before it was good. I knew as soon as I heard this news that it was not going to be pretty for her. They are now giving her pain meds and anti-nausea meds before she receives her other two chemo's Vincristine and IV Methotrexate. Even though this is suppose to be an easier phase where school could be a possibility, I have been looking at her "road map" for the next 57 days and it has the potential to not be so good either. We started out this phase with a low ANC count, I hope that won't contribute or worsen any of the potential side effects. Please pray that her counts go up and remain at a level where she can start school and get reconnected before she is pulled out in Oct. for the rest of the year. It is now 1:50 p.m and we are going home. She has received all three of the chemos for today and we will be back tomorrow at 10:00 a.m for the rest of her chemo, the peg shots.

The ride home did not go well. She was blaming me for not feeling well, saying that it was my driving. HA, I am a darn good driver. Unfortunately she did get sick on the way home while in the fast lane. Of all times to forget the barf bucket! I felt really bad for her and she felt bad about the mess. I just pulled over and took take of what I could and now my wonderful husband is cleaning out the rest of the car. God did give me an amazing husband and terrific family. I do love my life, LIG!

Liz is such a brave and tough girl. Now I see why she excels in spots and academics. Nothing is going to stop her; may slow her down and cause some pain but it will not stop her. I am so proud of how she is dealing with her life being turned upside down and then for good measures, jumbled and scrambled after that. Seeing all of these kids on this floor is a life changing event/ordeal. I am so amazed by their spirit. This little boy in the recovery room with Liz was so concerned with her and why she was not waking up and what was wrong with her. He knows Liz but did not recognize her without hair, he is only about four.

Please continue to pray for minimal side effects of these nasty chemo's, her counts to stay high, and she is able to attend Spirit Day and start school, also you can go to our team website for Light the Night and sign up to walk with Joel, Liz. and our families at


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Cindy Dodson said...

Lizzy girl, I am so sorry you had such a crappy day. Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Praying for an easier journey for the rest of this phase. You are one tough cookie!

Hugs and kisses!
Mrs. D.